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Mechanics Colloquia

An occasional cross-disciplinary seminar series
(Information and directions for visitors)

Lent Term 2001

2:30pm in Lecture Room 6 of CUED, unless otherwise stated

The Mechanics Colloquia are currently organised by Dr. Simon Guest. Abstracts will be added as they become available.
All visitors are welcome. Please report to Reception on arrival.

16 February
Optimum Design of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) and extremal materials (abstract)
Professor Ole Sigmund, Technical University of Denmark

23 February
Unnatural Selection - Classification and Choice in Engineering Design (abstract)
Professor M.F. Ashby, CUED

16 March
Engineering Science for Synthesis (abstract)
Professor Nam P. Suh, MIT, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering

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