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Research Opportunities with Dr Vikram Deshpande

Applications on current projects are always welcome.
For a full list of current projects and research opportunites in Mechanics, Materials, and Design please also visit the division's website.

PhD Research Opportunities

Project: Discrete Dislocation Plasticity Analysis of Metal Fatigue
Principal Investigators: Vikram Deshpande in collaboration with Prof. Alan Needleman (Brown University, USA) and Prof. Erik Van der Giessen (Groningen University, The Netherlands)
Funding: EPSRC Studentships available for UK students.
Application Deadline: Open
Tenure: 3 years.

Project: The Design and Properties of Multi-functional Materials
Principal Investigators: Norman Fleck and Vikram Deshpande
Funding: Partial funding may be available.
Application Deadline: Open
Tenure: 3 years.

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