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Members of Staff

  • Dr J A Greenwood is an Emeritus Reader and Fellow of Peterhouse. He has worked in the areas of surface topology and thin film lubrication for more than thirty years and is the author of some of the most influential papers in these two subjects. He was awarded the Tribology Silver medal in 1993 and the ASME Mayo D Hersey medal in 1996. Until recently, he was a member of the editorial panel of the Journal of Engineering Tribology.

  • Prof K L Johnson FRS, F Eng is an Emeritus Professor of the University and has worked in the field of contact mechanics and tribology for forty years; he recently retired after more than thirty years on the staff of the department. He is the author of Contact Mechanics (CUP, 1985) and was awarded the Tribology Gold medal in 1985 and the ASME Mayo D Hersey medal in 1991.

  • Dr M P F Sutcliffe is a University Senior Lecturer and has research interests in both materials science and tribology. He completed a PhD at Cambridge investigating friction and lubrication in metal working, and is currently collaborating with various industrial partners in and the Ecoles des Mines de Paris in this area. He has also worked on the analysis of elasto-hydrodynamic contacts.

  • Prof M E Welland is a Professor of Nanoscale Science and a fellow of St Johns College. His research interests cover many aspects of nanoscale science and engineering. He is a member of the editorial board of Tribology Letters.

  • Prof J A Williams is a Professor of Engineering Tribology and fellow of Robinson College. His research interests lie principally in the application of the principles of applied mechanics and materials science to tribological situations especially those involving surface distress and wear. He has spent periods working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Universities of New South Wales and Cape Town. He is the author of Engineering Tribology (OUP, 1994) and on the editorial panels of the Journal of Tribology, Tribology International and the Journal of Machining Science and Technology. In 1999 he was awarded the Tribology Silver medal.

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